“Without culture and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.”
- Albert Camus
“Without ethical culture there is no salvation for humanity.” 
- Albert Einstein
“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” 
- Frank Zappa

One autumn dusk in the dark, front room of my Los Angeles dwelling, Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix, cloaked in her signature black, asked me, Moon Unit Zappa, to sign an NDA. Being a lover of heart-over-brain, gut-centric humans, intrigue and women with flawless complexions who smell like honeysuckle and smoke, I happily inked. 

She then removed her shoes and made herself comfortable - one part ballerina, one part kudzu, she spread herself across my furniture. In poetic language and undaunted idealism Rain began to describe her vision for unsung musicians wherein “we” could elevate the lives and careers of emerging musicians through the combined support of global community, mentor mega-musicians, highly regarded influencers and updated, fair trade business practices through all existing platforms and yet to be discovered avenues throughout all of time and space. 

I am exaggerating only slightly. 

She revealed she had an intuitive sense I might be a person who could help. Perhaps it’s because she saw my label maker perched on a shelf next to my OCD whiteboard calendared-year. Perhaps she gathered I love details and follow-through when she opened my spice cabinet looking for some maple syrup to accompany the homemade chai on my range.  Perhaps she recognized I was tribe, carrying on the spirit of legacy family values and that, like her, I love integrity, walking-the-talk and always helping others like a Potus loves a rich, white male minority.  All I know is the air crackled with electricity and possibility. I think I said something profound like, “My dude, I’m in.”

Many leg lifts and gluten-free, vegan snacks later, Phase One of Miss Phoenix’s epic brainchild for helping newbie artists gain their footing and take their rightful place in the music pantheon of expression and connection in an ethical culture was born in the form of…a podcast.

Launch Left The Podcast is the little lovechild of Rain and Moon, where we have the privilege of interviewing extraordinary minds, mavericks, brick throwers and pioneers in their unique fields, hearing about how Music influenced them AND having them introduce a foundling musical artist they love. The next, natural progression appears to be live shows and that’s where Phase Two begins. 

- Moon Zappa