launchleft is an Alliance of Left-of-Center Artists where renowned creatives launch the next wave of game-changers in music.

LaunchLeft’s platform enlists art world rebels to use their fame, connections and voice to spotlight emerging BAnds. 

Curators and their Launched Artists


Founded in 2010, LaunchLeft evolved out of Gift Horse Project which brought together well-known and emerging artists in the service of charity. LaunchLeft aims this ethos of social responsibility at the for-profit sector further empowering artists for whom radical creativity is not a choice but a necessity.

  • 2010 Gift Horse Project is born

  • 2010 Silverlake Conservatory of Music Fundraiser

  • 2010 LAND, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, Paris Show

  • 2010 Elysium Sessions, TAOE Benefit

  • 2010 BRANDAID Haiti Relief Concert

  • 2010 LAND, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, Marfa TX TAOE Benefit

  • 2010 LAND, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, Fundraiser/Gala

  • 2011 Gift Horse Project and Manimal Records collaborate to benefit the Lunchbox Fund

  • 2012 Multi-Platform artist residency, I.You.We.THREE

  • 2014 LaunchLeft produced The Art of Elysium’s GENESIS

  • 2016 LaunchLeft produced Red Hot Chili Peppers FEEL THE BERN for the Bernie Sanders Campaign

  • 2016 LaunchLeft produced #Berniechella Block Party in Coachella for the Bernie Sanders Campaign

  • 2017 LaunchLeft Podcast hosted by Rain Phoenix & Moon Zappa

  • 2018 LaunchLeft Live at Largo hosted by Rain Phoenix & Moon Zappa

  • 2019 LaunchLeft becomes official home of Aleka’s Attic

  • 2019 LaunchLeft and Kro Records collaborate on TIME GONE

  • 2019 LaunchLeft Podcast 2.0 with Rain and Summer Phoenix

Inspired and informed by the art and activism of River Phoenix, LaunchLeft’s Alliance of Left-of-Center Artists serves as a beacon of solidarity for creatives in the margins. “ I think that it’s very important to establish a space for those who are not accounted for... I’m speaking of people that don’t fit into a stereotype... it leaves out a lot of people in this world that aren’t the model, you know, in a fashion sense, citizen... I just, I protest that, and think it’s important to [make art] that stirs up that idea… that starts some sort of controversy. “ - River Phoenix

LaunchLeft Gallery of Past Projects and Events

LaunchLeft Podcast 2.0

Hosted by Rain and Summer Phoenix

september 2019


A day after auditioning for an open call for American Idol, before he knew he'd make the cut and become a finalist on the show, Gus Van Sant launched Alejandro Aranda on LaunchLeft. Enjoy this beautiful acoustic performance of "Ten Years", an excerpt of the upcoming LaunchLeft 2.0 Podcast premiering September 3rd.

Time Gone is HERE 

1. Time is the Killer

2. Where I’d Gone 

3. Scales & Fishnails 

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