Where I’d Gone - Aleka’s Attic

Aleka’s Attic was River’s band from 1988 till 1993. Since age 5 he was obsessed with playing guitar, writing songs, performing and recording. River was a true creative and very detail oriented, while he might play demos for friends and family, it was very important to him that songs were ‘finished’ before making them available to the public. The name Aleka’s Attic came from his fictional character ‘Aleka’, whose poetry was discovered in an attic years after he passed away. He liked to change and embellish Aleka’s story every time he told it. You can expect more 'attic finds' to be released here and we encourage you to share them with your friends, family and the world.


Scales & Fishnails - Aleka’s Attic

LaunchLeft draws it’s inspiration from gifted, fevered, rebellious and integrity driven artists like River Phoenix, who cut through the status quo, push boundaries, innovate and stake their own unique claim on the world. Artists who have lasting impact on culture and use their fame as a tool to better society. LaunchLeft’s Alliance of Left-of-Center Artists believe there is strength in numbers and when we have the support of other artists we are more empowered, our voices grow louder, and together we can uplift and inspire the next generation of creatives to do the same.


In the Corner Dunce - Aleka’s Attic

Official Video for ‘‘In The Corner Dunce" written and recorded by River Phoenix when he was 18, also includes footage from the 1991 Aleka’s Attic ‘mid-east’ tour. Half the tour were benefit concerts for causes he supported. River lived and breathed music. Honesty and authenticity were non negotiable. They were his north star and it reflected in the integrity of his work. LaunchLeft is inspired and informed by these principles. May this space become a safe harbor for left-of-center artists to whom, like River, radical creativity is not a choice, but a necessity.